The Greatest Female Director You've Never Heard Of


"Born in 1873, Alice Guy Blaché helped change the way the world thought not just about film, but about what made a story. In the age of Tina Fey and Lena Dunham, it might be easy to wave off her story as just a feel-good stop along the way, but if anything, her rise and fall as a writer, director and producer shows just how far women still have to go."

Justices on the move


It’s hard to imagine Supreme Court Justices working outside of Washington, D.C. But for the first half of our country’s history, they spent much of their time traveling as circuit court judges. And it may have made them better Supreme Court justices.



"It’s hard not to read into them. As I stumbled through a deserted parking lot early one morning in Emeryville, a hulking truck had one that read UPNATEM. Tutting over Lindsay Lohan’s money woes, I glanced over and spied LILO1 outside the appropriately named Pawn 90210. Cut off a by a red SUV in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, I muttered, “bitch!” under my breath. YESIAM."

Farming inside the box


"Snow falls outside a nondescript one-story warehouse on Chicago’s South Side. But inside, it's the growing season. Hundreds of fish swarm and fight for food in tanks surrounded by beds of basil, rainbow chard, and mint. The scene may hold the key to creating a year-round source of fresh, local food in Chicago."